86th National Book Week Celebration


By virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 109 series of 1936, the period from November 24-30 is designated as the National Book Week (NBW). This celebration focuses on arousing the national interest in reading good books and various types reading materials to enhance knowledge and skills for social and cultural advancement among Filipino people.


This years’ theme is “Libraries as Catalysts in the New Normal Environment: Changes. Reforms. Transformations”.


The love of reading is developed as young as when children start to understand words and are introduced to libraries and reading. Nurturing such activity can lead to independent study, and eventually to lifelong learning. As such, this year’s National Book Week celebration aims to:

  • Instill the value and benefits reading good books to the young Filipino learners;
  • Develop among the students essential reading and literacy skills; and
  • Promote libraries in the country.