Spoken Word Poetry Contest – (Librarian & Library Staff Category)

The aims of the Spoken Word Poetry Contest – (Librarian & Library Staff Category) are to provide an opportunity for librarians and library staff to enhance their hidden talents and to develop/improve their skills in public speaking through spoken poetry. Spoken poetry is an oral poetic performance and is word-based. It is a writing that is meant to be spoken or delivered with emotions to an audience. Also, it is an oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play, rhythm, and provisions, rhyme, intonation and voice inflection.



This is open to all librarians and library staff working in school, academic, public, and special libraries.


  • Every library must have only one (1) representative librarian or library staff to join the contest.
  • Participant may submit only one (1) entry and must be written in Filipino
  • Spoken poetry must be in a video format and the first public showing/viewing must be in the 86th NBW celebration. The video should not have been previously seen by any member of the public.
  • Attire must be appropriate for the spoken piece and shall be worn during the contest
  • Video must not exceed 7 minutes and must be submitted in mp4 format with 480p resolution.
  • Spontaneous delivery is preferred; however, contestants can use their printed guide.
  • Sounds, instrumental or musical background are allowed to complement the delivery. No deductions shall be made if the contestant opts not to have any musical background.
  • The piece must be related with the 86th NBW’s theme “Libraries as Catalysts in the New Normal Environment: Changes. Reforms. Transformations.”
  • Entries shall have the following specifications:
    1. Font size: 12
    2. Font type: Arial
    3. One-inch margin on all sides
    4. 1.5-line spacing and 0 pt. before and after
    5. Stanzas shall be separated with one space in between
  • The entry to be submitted shall be an original work of the contestant. If the participant is proven to have committed plagiarism in any way, even if unintentional, he/she will be disqualified or, if the unethical act was discovered after the contest, then the award and certificate will be revoked.
  • Winners will officially be awarded during the Virtual Closing Ceremonies of the 86th NBW on November 30, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.


The decision of the panel of judges based on the following criteria is final and irrevocable.

OriginalityThe piece must be an original composition by the contestant20%
Delivery and performanceThe spoken piece was delivered from the heart. Facial expressions, hand and body gestures emphasized the different elements of the performance. Voice is modulated, compelling and phrasing is fluent. Spoke loudly and clearly enough for listeners to hear and understand. Voice project confidence and conviction.40%
ContentThe content of the spoken piece is relevant and related to the theme and depth of concept. The piece shall have a powerful and meaningful message to the audience20%
Overall ImpactTotal success of the performance, the degree to which the recitation has become more than the sum of its parts.20%


Entries must be submitted on or before November 15, 2020 with the complete name and contact number of contestant. The orientation for the judges is scheduled on October 30, 2020. The judging of entries will be on November 16-23, 2020, while the announcement of winners will be held on November 30, 2020.


There will be three (3) winners of this contest and they will receive the following:

  • 1st Prize – 15,000 + Certificate of Recognition and a tablet
  • 2nd Prize – 10,000 + Certificate of Recognition
  • 3rd Prize – 5,000 + Certificate of Recognition

For further inquiries and clarifications, please contact the following members of the 86th NBW Program and Operations Committee:

Decem S. Ferrer
53105035 loc 208-210
James Rommel Maborrang
53105035 loc 208-210